Terms and Conditions

  • Tuition fee will only be returned to those individuals who have stated a genuine reason in their email; refund will not be granted to those students who give baseless justifications.
  • The option of refund is only available for those students who have paid for their courses in advance.
  • If a student has paid his / her monthly fee, then he / she will not be given the refund in the middle of the month, however, the student may drop out of the course / classes and must abstain from payment in the future.
  • In a case where a student decides that he / she will not be appearing for their examination and hence wishes to discontinue his / her classes, they will be given a refund only if they are able to properly explain their circumstances for withdrawal to the administration.
  • If an individual faces an issue like disagreement with the lecturer, they will be mandated to write about the incident to the administration; the refund will be processed only after a strict assessment of the incident.
  • Oftentimes, students choose to defer their examinations. Consequently, if they wish to defer their outstanding payment too, they will be allowed to do so for a maximum period of 6 months.
  • Money will be wired to those individuals who qualify for the refund after submission of necessary information to the administration department.