Refund Policy

The management of MasterMind is very particular about satisfying its e-learners, it works with utmost dedication to ensure that all students get the maximum amount of contentment with MasterMind’s educational services. If, for some reason, a student still feels dissatisfied with MasterMind or is unable to continue studying on this forum due to some other reason, then he / she will be given a refund upon request.

Refund Request

In order to get a refund, please send an email at, with the subject “Refund Request”; writing the subject is important as it precisely informs the administration department about your main concern. In your email, you are required to mention the complete reason which has compelled you to demand a repayment. After conducting a detailed assessment, the administration department will decide if you are eligible for the refund and will approve or decline your request within 2 working days.