Frequently Asked Questions

How will students benefit from e-learning at MasterMind?

The management of MasterMind is aware of the long working hours and busy schedules of its students, therefore, ease of learning is the greatest advantage one can have from availing our services. We offer live as well as recorded (to be introduced soon) tutoring sessions and plenty of studying materials to help you perform well in exams. Moreover, our counselling and assistance is available for our students round the clock, which ultimately translates into them having the finest scores / grades.

How to avail the services of MasterMind?

Becoming a student at MasterMind is really easy. You just have to follow the four-step procedure listed below in order to join our classrooms:
1. Decide: Know exactly which course or program you want to excel in and read in detail about the services we offer.
2. Register: To enrol for a course you must have an account; join MasterMind by providing us your email address and related information on our website
3. Navigate: Scroll through our menu and select the educational program which appears to be relevant.
4. Pay: Once you have made up your mind to study at MasterMind, proceed to payment. Select all the relevant courses and add them to the cart. Please note that the transaction is possible only via a Debit / Credit card of Visa / MasterCard.

How to access all resources of MasterMind?

MasterMind ensures a smooth e-learning process by providing its candidates both, free as well as paid resources. The material may be accessed in totality by following these steps:

Free resources
1. Create an account at
2. Select the program or course which you intend to study
3. Select the free resources that you want to access

Paid resources
1. Create an account at
2. Select the program or course which you intend to study
3. Select the paid resources that you want to access
4. Pay for the study material with the help of your Debit / Credit card of Visa / MasterCard.

What kind of hardware and software is needed to access all resources of MasterMind?

At MasterMind, we care about your convenience, which is why no heavy equipment or software program is needed to access our material. A normal Personal Computer (PC), laptop, tablet or smart phone may be used for all activities. Please make sure that your device has a good web browser installed on it, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. For live tutoring and mentoring sessions,  you will also need a Zoho Showtime link

Is there a fixed time to attend each lecture?

Currently, all students who enrol in our programs are mandated to attend all lectures at a fixed time, however, we are trying to bring in recorded lectures that may be watched at any time and can prove to be ideal for students with a busy timetable.

In which language will the courses be taught?

Since MasterMind provides tutoring services to students from all over the world, the medium of education is set to be in English. In addition to this, all resources available on the website are also offered in the same language. Additionally, if you wish to communicate with the tutors or administrative department of MasterMind, you are advised to do so in English.

How much will it cost?

E-learning at MasterMind is affordable, please refer to the tab Fee in order to find out about our fee structure in greater detail.

Is pre-payment of fee necessary?

Tuition fee may be paid in advance for all categories, but it has to be pre-paid for courses related to the programs: Foundations in Accountancy, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Oxford Brookes University (Mentoring) and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ACA). However, students of O Level, IGCSE, AS Level and A Level are allowed to pay their tuition fees on a monthly basis too.

What is the refund policy of MasterMind?

MasterMind has a well-drafted policy for granting refund; please refer to our refund policy to know about our terms and conditions in detail. In a case where you want to discontinue availing the services of MasterMind, you may contact its administrative department; refund can be initiated by emailing at

How to contact your e-learning tutor?

Your tutor’s contact information resides with the administration, therefore, in case of a query or emergency, drop an email at and ask the administrative team to send you your teacher’s mailing address at their earliest.

Whom to contact in case of a problem?

MasterMind’s administrative desk is dedicated to solving all your issues, please contact if you need to resolve a problem. Also, reach out to us on the same address if you wish to know about MasterMind in detail.

How to become a member of MasterMind’s faculty?

At MasterMind, it is mandatory for a person to be highly qualified and have prior teaching and corporate experience. If you feel that you are eligible to apply and have a passion for teaching, then send in your CV / resume at; the management of MasterMind will contact you if there is a vacant position.