Know Our Faculty

Ayesha Zia Khan

Secure your Sociology grades with Ayesha Zia Khan. She is an expert in Sociology; her educational background and work experience speak highly of her contributions to the subject

Syed Danyal Jafry

Complete your Research and Analysis Project (RAP) under the supervision of Syed Danyal Ishtiaq Jafry. He is a registered mentor with Oxford Brookes University

Uzair Khan

Mathematics is a complicated and boring subject, except when your teacher is Uzair Khan. Having passed his Mathematics with flying colours in O Level

Khizar Hussain

Learn Finance and Accounting from Khizar Hussain, a highly educated member of our team. Khizar’s educational journey substantiates that he has always been passionate about commerce

Vishah Hussain

Vishah Hussain is an extremely talented, devoted and learned member of our faculty. Economics, Business and Finance have been her choices since an early age

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